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Information mapping
The information ontology is developed in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer. We map exactly the categories and data types the business needs to operate as efficiently as possible. Information is mapped and transformed to a graph format and displayed in the Relefant Employee Interface.
Customized solution
Every customer’s environment is different and the needs and requirements of employees are unique. For this reason we built our information model, so it’s not bound to any source system and data loads can be scheduled according to needs. Customization of the employees’ User Interface (REI) and action-buttons can also be changed according to your company’s particular needs.
Information search
Traditional search systems only provide a list of matching keywords. Our Relefant Employee Interface maintains the rich relationship in the data and organize the information nodes and their connections. Even links can be added to fragmented data records, even if these are maintained in separate systems without any explicit integration.


The larger a company is, the number of different poorly integrated systems and applications increases, along with complexity and information fragmentation. This decreases employees’ work-satisfaction and productivity, and impacts negatively on the financial performance of companies.
Can your company afford wasting money on poor information accessibility?

Accessing the right information at the right time is one of the biggest challenges knowledge-workers face nowadays. New information is produced at an accelerating pace and there are more and more new applications and productivity tools to access this information.

At the same time companies are still dependent and using old legacy systems. As systems, applications and documents don’t communicate with each other, this leads to disconnected information-islands, which requires extra efforts to make sure everything is being considered. This information overload slows down the process of identifying what is relevant.

In addition, employees are also working on-the-go and remotely, using mobile devices and expecting the same usability from enterprise applications as from their consumer applications.

This combination is a real bottle-neck and almost impossible for enterprises to solve. Complexity just keeps increasing, costs keep increasing, and it’s hurting large and small companies alike.

Our Intuitive Visual Contextual Enterprise Search, helps your company significantly speed-up new employee on-boarding, and saves every employee hundreds of hours of work-time per year, by improving how information is found and displayed.

Our solution delivery process

Our solution is delivers a first-of-its-kind graph-based visual interface for employees to find, navigate and access the relevant internal enterprise information easily and quickly. We provide a complete turn-key solution from information and systems mapping, to integration, implementation, training and support.

Information mapping
Systems integrations
Customized employee interface
Implementation and delivery

We approach every project methodically and follow planned out stages.

We start with customer workshops, identifying different stakeholder and interest groups inside the company. In these workshops we evaluate the current information and technology situation in the company, to form an understanding of how much work there is to be done.

Before we can start integrations and implementing a solution, we map information and systems within the company. Based on these maps, the Relefant Employee Interface will display information to employees. These maps in themselves are very valuable to companies if they don’t actively update their information and systems structure maps. They provide valuable information on redundant systems, bottlenecks and where things could be improved.

…We can help your company speed-up new employee on-boarding and save every employee hundreds of hours of work-time every year.

In the next stage, we start integrations, working with a rapid-integration platform to ensure fast and reliable connections. We work with leading integration platform providers to provide fast and secure integrations to almost any system.

We then customize the employee interface according to the customer’s needs and requirements, whether it relates to the users’ homepage look layout customization or the entire information structure and permissions.

In the last phase we implement and deliver the solution, train your staff and provide continuous support. We can start with a few systems and departments and grow the scope of our solution as your company finds evermore value in Relefant.