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Map of your information
A map of data, applications and systems is developed in accordance with the needs and requirements of your organization. We map exactly the data types and categorize them for your business to operate as efficiently as possible. Information is mapped so that nothing is lost, improving data transparency and corporate governance. Information is transformed to an intuitive format, which is easily accessible via the Relefant application by your employees.
Customized solution
Every customer’s environment is different and the needs and requirements of your employees are unique. For this reason we built a flexible information model, which is agnostic of source systems and data loads can be scheduled according to your organisation's needs. Customization of the employees’ user interface and actions the application performs can also be changed according to your company’s particular needs.
Rich information
Relefant aggregates and arranges your organization’s data, the information nodes and their connections, in order to display the rich relationships (dependencies, relations and commonalities) between these. This makes Relefant the go-to application for your employees to find any internal information quicker from any application, database or systems, along with additional enriched related data to help make better decisions faster. Rich information access that will improve your organization’s performance significantly.

You know the PROBLEM. everybody is LOOKING FOR the SOLUTION.

The larger or more mature your organization is, the number of different poorly integrated systems and applications increases, together with information complexity and fragmentation. This decreases your employees’ work-satisfaction and productivity, and impacts negatively on the financial performance of your organization.
Can your company afford wasting money on poor information accessibility?

Accessing the right information at the right time is one of the biggest challenges knowledge-workers face nowadays. New information is produced at an accelerating pace and there are more and more new applications and productivity tools to access this information.

At the same time companies are still dependent and using old legacy systems. As systems, applications and documents don’t communicate with each other, this leads to disconnected information-islands, which requires extra efforts to make sure everything is being considered. This information overload slows down the process of identifying what is relevant.

In addition, employees are also working on-the-go and remotely, using mobile devices and expecting the same usability from enterprise applications as from their consumer applications.

This combination is a real bottle-neck and almost impossible for enterprises to solve. Complexity just keeps increasing, costs keep increasing, and it’s hurting large and small companies alike.

Our intuitive and visual application helps your company significantly improve new employee on-boarding, and saves every employee hundreds of hours of work-time per year.

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