Smart investors welcome
We’re looking for investors who understand the opportunity the Relefant solution presents in the enterprise SaaS segment. We’re harnessing the full power and flexibility of knowledge-graph technology to interconnect information in order to deliver targeted solutions to specific customer needs in human resources, knowledge, assets, projects and customer management.
Our business model: SaaS subscription-based per solution “module”.
Direct “land-and-expand” sales-model to mid-size to large companies of  over 1000 employees in Europe and Canada.
Market: IAM: +300 companies. TAM: +10000 companies globally. Main verticals: banking and insurance, transportation, and manufacturing.
There are thousands of large companies struggling with internal information flow and distribution, and very few players in the market that can deliver any kind of solutions that address both specific and high-level information problems – this is the Relefant opportunity. 
We have most of the elements in place to make Relefant a success. We now need an investor to take us to phase 2 and beyond.
We’re looking for a seed round at the moment, to bridge our requirements to deliver to our 1st customers which we’re working on at the moment. Our full solution MVP is ready. We have a great experienced team (which we continue to build) with both technical and business expertise. Our calculations show that we can be profitable very early on.
If you are interested and want an investor deck, please contact us.
PS. we do our Due Diligence on all investors that approach us.
Marko Lauhiala
+358 40 770 6135