Graph-databases miss 99.9% of users

As graph databases and knowledge graphs start to become more common, customers will want more features and graph database providers will create more features. More features to display more data in an already super-chaotic and complex interface. Yes, you can make all sorts of complex queries and get amazing answers to those, but the use of these systems is restricted to data-scientists. Data-scientists are expensive and comprise only a tiny fraction of any organization’s workforce. To take full advantage of what these systems can do and provide, something different has to be done.

The better way is to democratize data, by making it approachable and easy to use by 100% of employees.

Imagine you have an organization and you deploy a graph-database / knowledge graph solution (Stardog, Neo4j, Apache, etc.) and then ask average Jim or Jane from sales or accounting to find data using one of these “hairball” user interfaces every day AND on their mobile devices! It’s simply not going to happen. Even more unlikely it will be that Jim and Jane will be able to create new connections between data and make it available to everyone else to use.

What a typical knowledge-graph looks like.

As much as graph databases are great, they are just a backend layer, on top of which a means of easy interaction and usability has to be built.

Graph databases and knowledge graphs and their use are currently simply restricted to the handful of developers and data-scientists in an organization; unless there is a user-friendly user interface from start to finish. Here is where Relefant steps in – Relefant is the super easy user-friendly interface that democratizes graph databases across your organization. From connecting any data, to queries and data discovery, Relefant makes it easy for 100% of employees in an organization to take advantage of the power of graph databases. All done visually, no coding, no messy hairball user interfaces with technical terms, but all the benefits of having all your organization’s data connected with graph databases. In addition, Relefant provides informative and visual data-cards with actionable features and data edit, directly from the interface.

Relefant user interface
Information cards provide details easily.

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