Graph databases and Relefant deliver more value

If you want to analyze existing data or develop new solutions from it, the relationships between datapoints is where the actual insight and value is located. Traditional relational databases are great for storing and managing long lists of items. However, they are not the best when creating and maintaining data relationships, which can get very complicated and demands a lot of flexibility.

Graphs-databases on the other hand are a widely used flexible core-technology, where relationships between data are primary functions, conforming to any business needs your organization may have without compromising anything.

Relefant’s core is built upon graph-technology, which is why we can handle and curate your data exceptionally well. We use graph-databases and knowledge-graphs to derive the most value and insight from any data that you have, delivering the most advanced solutions to your organization; for data compliance, human-resources, real-time recommendation, analytics, asset and inventory management, fraud-detection, knowledge-management, permissions and identity management, and many more.

Thanks to graph-technology, Relefant improves your organization’s efficiency and productivity by connecting data in ways that hasn’t been possible previously, to expedite your employees’ access to information and insights.

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