For YOUR employees – the easiest point-of-access to THE internal information THEY NEED.
One-stop for all company information
End-to-end solution
From expedited system and data integration to the intuitive visual Unified Employee Application for mobile devices and desktop, Relefant delivers a full solution. No SDKs, no DIY, it's a full package.
Users first
Relefant focuses on developing the most easy-to-use interface for the average daily users to find, navigate and access all your company's internal information they require to do their jobs efficiently.
Easy to access anything
Upcoming tasks, information about customers, projects and people, documents and content, onboarding and learning. All in one place, easily accessible, easily understandable.
To help empower your employees to become Power-Users of information
To improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity with better and easier access to relevant information.   
The story of Relefant

The idea for Relefant was born in 2014, out of the frustration of trying to find information in a large organization. Hired as an external consultant, Marko headed a large digitalization project in a bank, to implement a critical solution to one hundred branch offices. It required extensive research about processes, systems, dependencies, and discussions with people from many departments. Months were wasted gathering information from 100s of applications, data and document systems and emailing, Skyping and meeting with people to locate information the project required.

There had to be a better way, a tool was required that would easily show how information is interconnected between people, documents, projects, systems, etc. regardless of the source systems. It had to be easy to use, searchable, navigable and it had to be a tool that any employee would feel comfortable using daily.
After making a demo and pitching the concept to an airline in early 2018, and doing further market research, it was obvious that information distribution and access is a huge problem in every large organization – and no good solutions exist.

Work is never done.

Relefant was established in August of 2018. We’re a tight team of experienced technology and business professionals. We work remotely across Europe and North America and we can help your company wherever it is located.

The company

Relefant partners with leading integration platform providers, data and cyber-security providers, cloud storage and knowledge-graph providers to deliver quick and reliable integrations and deployments to companies.

What’s up with all the elephants?

Well, for starters we think that elephants are just interesting for many reasons, including because of their intelligence and social behaviour. The saying goes “an Elephant never forgets”, a good memory is vital during the dry season, when herds walk vast distances to watering holes they’ve visited in the past. We feel that much like elephants’ great memory, our solution will help your employees “remember” information better.

Unfortunately, elephants are also very endangered animals, which is why Relefant will donate a portion of profits to elephant conservation every year.



Meet our key team
IMG_20190523_162224 (2)
Marko Lauhiala
Founder & CEO

Curious entrepreneur & multitasker. Started multiple startups since 2005. Loves animals, coffee and travel. Passionate about finding and building solutions to difficult problems.

Ethan Muktar
Co-founder - Sales

International business development Executive with 10 years of success in B2B sales across multiple international markets. Loves coffee and travel.

There are more team members in Relefant, but they’re a bit shy at the moment! 🙂