Work efficiency
Every knowledge-worker saves hundreds of work-hours per year with our visual interface to quickly access any internal system and information.
Increased productivity
Improving and speeding-up every knowledge worker’s daily access to information, increases efficiency and productivity and work- satisfaction.
Economic benefits
With a low cost per employee and the significant increase in workforce productivity, the economic benefits to your company are clear.
According to study done by McKinsey & Company, knowledge-workers waste up to 30% of their workday looking for internal information.
Example calculation:
Traditional keyword-based enterprise search does not understand the user or the company’s terminology, only providing a flat list of files or documents as the response. Most of the information is only available inside the internal network and there is no mobile optimized access.
user-centric approach to solve the problem
more engaging

Visuals are more engaging, informative and work much faster than words. As we humans are visual creatures, we believe that even employees in enterprises deserve a tool that not only looks good, but also uses visual cues to help users understand information quicker.

connected information
information is structured in a way that mirrors how the brain functions – in a radiant rather than linear manner. Our unique interface shows how information is connected and related to other information, providing unheard of accessibility and insight to any employee.
information navigation
fastest user interaction and information navigation in any enterprise environment. Mobile and browser first, so every employee can efficiently use and access the company’s internal information they require even on the go from any device.


We bridge the gap between how information is stored and processed in the different disconnected legacy systems, and the way the employees need it: Connected and in the right context.
Turn-key solution
We provide a complete customer turn-key solution from information and systems mapping, to integration, customization, implementation, training and support.
Employee Interface
Intuitive and easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful tool that transforms any employee to a power-user in finding and navigating information.
Rapid integration
Market-leading technology partners, ensure any connections to ANY backend systems are fast, reliable and secure to deploy and operate.
Information mapping
We produce detailed maps of information and systems within the customer company. Based on these, the Employee Interface will structure and display information to employees.
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Your company can save money and significantly increase productivity. What are you waiting for?
Our Team
Marko 2019
Marko Lauhiala
Founder & CEO
Barnabas Szasz
Co-Founder & CTO
Ethan Muktar
Sales Lead

We’re mainly located in Europe: Finland, Hungary and U.K