Relefant’s unified Data Connect and Browse is the solution to your internal information distribution and access challenges. Relefant helps your
organization discover
and access any relevant
information for better
Your workplace,
just a bit more productive.
Fastest access to any relevant
internal data when needed.
Connected data is a lot more
valuable and enables
better informed decision-making.
Simply better for your business.

We help INTERCONNECT your organization.

the relefant BETA version is live!
it’s free to register and use now!
see for yourself how connected information will help your organization and how easy it’s to use!
if you are interested in hearing more about how we can help your business or organization or you want a personalized demo Book a meeting with us.

Relefant is a flexible platform to interconnect all your workplace data and the one-stop application to access and take action from anywhere.

  • a complete solution that helps your organization find, discover and take action on all data from any system or database from one place.
  • so intuitive to use that it empowers all your employees to become power-users of information, no matter what their skill-level is to begin with.
  • for your organization to make better, more informed decisions in asset and resources management, product development, project management, CRM, HR, events management, and much more!
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